Tech Marshal Software Pvt. Ltd. provide the best art and graphic design services for the applications, games, AR/VR apps. Our art team is well experienced with 3d and 2d level design in unity3d, unreal engine and game maker studio. The team is highly experienced in storyboard design, concept art, character creation, props and environment, bg art and animation.

Background and 3D Environment Art

Aaryavarta's BG and environment design team are best in 2d background design, 3D environment design, and Isometric BG design. we provide them the freedom to work on interior design, exterior design, landscape, and scene design.

Character and Concept Art

We have a team of special game artists who are well known for the character design in both 3D and 2D. They start from sketching on rough paper and filling color in photoshop. Gaming industries best concept artist and storyboard designer are with us.

Lighting and Texturing

The most important things in a 3d environment to do the proper lighting. We are most experienced in doing lighting for environments. The best thing our team does is taking UVs from the model and mapping texture onto it.

Graphics and Web designing

The people love to see your website when it has the best User interface and apart from only website development we are specialized in designing graphics for the websites, web application and web portals. our team works on every pixel to look perfect UI.

3D modeling

Currently, 75% of games are in the 3D design to follow the same Aaryavarta technologies have the best 3D character, Environment ,and props , artist. Our specialized team creates an exact copy of real humans into a 3D model. To work on mobiles our team is capable of doing low poly models as well as high poly models for desktop and consoles.

Rigging and Animations.

Aaryavarta technologies have a team of world-class animators are also capable of doing motion capture quality animations. Riggers are doing a perfect job by creating bones and controls. Animators produce real-world animations.